Scientific Convention on
World Homoeopathy Day

9-10 April, 2019
Ambedkar International Centre, Janpath, New Delhi

We are living in the world where modernity, novelty and dynamism have become the key words to survive. Health, is no different. The concepts and understanding towards health is changing fast.

Homoeopathy has evolved with time, though its hardcore principles remain the same. Homoeopathy has neither shied away from technology nor from internationally recognised guidelines for scientific research. The ensemble of homoeopathy software, mobile-friendly apps, and advancements in homoeopathy research are keeping the ‘evolving’ quotient high for Homoeopathy.

Nevertheless, what is needed today to be a force to reckon with is ‘big data’. India, being the hub of homoeopathy in terms of infrastructure and skilled human resources, can generate that big data. And we need not only big, but also quality data to evolve, and bring to Homoeopathy the dignity it so rightly deserves.
Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy, Committed to Credible Research in Homoeopathy, has always considered ‘evolving with times’ a top priority, which is why:
  • Our research protocols are as per international standards
  • Our expert advisors include senior homeopathic and conventional practitioners, physicists, chemists, botanists, molecular biologists, immunologists, statisticians, public health experts etc.
  • Our research journal, Indian Journal of Research in Homoeopathy, is peer-reviewed, indexed and accessible online
  • Our network includes 23 research institutes, one national institute and highly equipped virology, molecular and drug standardisation laboratories
  • We seek guidance from international experts and contribute to the international seminars for direct exchange of information
  • We want to sensitise every practitioner, student, educator and industrialist to the ever-ascending pathway of research

  • Practitioners/Scientists: For high quality, evidence-based findings in treatment of various diseases; and to know how research can be applied in everyday practice
  • Teachers: For capacity building in research methodology to orient their students better for research
  • Students: To see how research is closely linked to education and what or how you can contribute to research in Homoeopathy
  • Associations: To understand their integral role in projecting the accurate image of Homoeopathy in the public

Come, join us as we value your participation,
because, at CCRH, we believe: